Lock Down


I am so proud to announce a release of a new music video Lock Down by Jack Da Union directed & filmed by me!! I would love to thank you Jack and his manager for believing in me and my vision! Also a huge thank you to Leszek Lata – you are just so talented and you smashed this project!

The whole project felt like a fast roller coaster ride as me & Leszek had only two days to shoot the entire video! Leszek was chasing Jack on his rollerblades, I was jumping and running like a crazy person. We had a drone, a car fully pack with equipment and lots of smoke bombs and somehow we did it!

The concept for this music video was inspired by Jack’s past and his lyrics. When I listen Lockdown for the first time I imaged a man who just came back from a prison. A man who made a promise to himself that he will never be involved in any criminal activities again. But he knew that it would not be easy because he would have to meeting up with his old partner in crime and tell him about it. When he finally decides to face his old friend he is not aware that it would be the biggest mistake of his life. The man was too naive to think that he would be able to just leave the criminal world like this. When he tell his old friend about his promise and do not agree to take a new job his old friend sets him up. The man who wanted to live a normal life now needs to run away from the police and hope that he won’t be lockdown again.

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